Wouldn't it be great if your shirt started conversations for you?


Similar to a cool tattoo, the right shirt can do exactly that. I tested over 200 shirt designs to find the types of shirts that would most effectively initiate conversations.


Of course, a shirt can't replace a good opening line, but you shouldn't always have to do all the work. That's why I created StarterTees.com, where you can find scientifically formulated shirts for starting conversations, so you don't always have to.

PS. Yep, that's a Starter Tee shirt in my training videos! It starts a conversation with a stranger almost every time I wear it! 

PPS. StarterTees is still under construction, but feel free to buy one of the few shirts there and let me know what you think.

Starter Tees
Gregory Peart, M.Ed.

social scientist / author / father / gamer



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